Thursday, October 25, 2012

October snow

This one is for the out of state family. 
I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Here are some videos I got of my little bugs

What fun we had! And no snow day would be complete without a....

Well that is our snow day. Now off to make some lunch for hungry little mouths.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Time for improvements!

Finding time for anything lately has been difficult. Grandma is having a knee replacement on the 12th and we have been staying busy watching the daycare while she went to Dr appointments for pre-surgery things. As well as planing Jamie's 3rd birthday, getting things scheduled for travail to my cousins wedding in June, and starting the planing for Rebecca's 1st birthday. Keeping up with laundry and house hold cleaning takes up every little minute I can find these days. It doesn't help that we had the stomach flu a few weeks ago either.

Anyway, we have been able to accomplish a bit the last few days. We finally fixed the side gate to the back yard. We took down the old one last year because is was falling apart. It had to be fixed tho so Jamie can go out and play without me fearing he will end up in the front yard or ran over in the street. I am greatly looking forward to letting him play out side while I clean or do dishes.

Also the kids play set swing set was just delivered! Jamie is so excited to have it put together and play on it. I have a feeling we will be having lots of friends and cousins over this summer to play! I just hope we can have it assembled before Jamie's birthday party at the end of the month. With James only days off being Thursdays and Sundays, me working from the 12th on (until Grandma is back on her feet) Mondays to Fridays, and it being a 2 man job to assemble we will only have a few free days to get it done. Anyone good with instructions and tools want to come over and help?! :)

This is what it will look like when we are all done!
Cool huh?

Time is flying by! I can't believe that it is already time to plan my little mans 3rd birthday, and Rebecca's first birthday is only 6 weeks after that!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

9 Months

9 months ago my beautiful baby girl was born! It's crazy that she is already so grown so much. She has such a personality and her smile melts any bad mood. What a joy she is to have and I look forward to every day of learning and growing with her.

Rebecca napping after a long night of keeping mommy up.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cousin Time

Just a cute video of Rebecca playing in her new crib (Jamie's old crib) and Jamie playing with his cousins A and A.
Sorry the quality is not so good. It was filmed on my phone.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Picture it Saturday

Here are a few pictures of the kids that I have on my phone (I always have it with me so I end up using it for the cute things the kids do when the big camera is not within reach).

These are from our Valentine's day lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Conrad and Jess and Gabe.

Jamie was a stinker and would not look at the camera.
 Both kids fell asleep before lunch was over.

Jamie said he was my knight in shining armor! <3

Jamie took this one with my phone of Rebecca eating puffs in the high chair. 

He is such a cutie even with a messy face all the time.